Friday, September 10, 2010

Marketing Consulting and Law Firms

Law firm Internet marketing has been my main specialization for years, and boy am I getting sick of it. I have been doing marketing consulting for quite a number of years, along with a bit of work in graphic design on the side. A lot of people do not even know what is marketing consulting, but yet it runs a good part of their lives. The fact is that  marketing consultants like myself are responsible with saturating our shared thought space with images of products, and the corresponding desires that they evoke.  Marketing consulting is almost a kind of magic, where the marketing firms work with peoples primitive desires, fears, loyalties, and revulsions to make them desire or even need certain products, and try to push them away from other ones. It would be overstating things to say that  marketing consulting is life, but it sure does effect how you see the world, and for the worse I think.

Of course, Law firm Internet marketing consulting is a pretty specific niche. It is pretty lucrative, but it does not really make as big of a difference to what people see, say, and do, as many other areas of  marketing consulting. Basically, I help law firms and private lawyers to get greater exposure over the Internet. I do this by increasing keyword hits, and also by coming up with flashy ways to advertise their products. I get other sites to link to theirs, and this brings in the big bucks. It is pretty mundane work, and a bit tedious but the fact is that, saturated as the world is with lawyers, having the right  marketing consulting can make all of the difference, and that is a fact.

I have been lately wanting to get involved in another area of marketing consulting, however. I just am so sick and tired of what I do that I can not stand it. I was thinking of getting into food marketing and advertising. I like that. It feels almost like honest work. I mean, people really do need and consume food, unlike lawyers. You get to tantalize the pallet, and to stimulate the appetite. It sounds like the area of  marketing consulting for me. It is sure a lot more glamorous than what I am doing now. But getting started in another area of marketing consulting involves getting all new clientèle. Tedious, to say the least.

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