Saturday, September 11, 2010

Marketing For Your Medical Practice

The years it takes a physician to attain credentials for medical practice, the effort, the sacrifices and the mountain of skills in medical specialization one has to acquire, makes setting up a medical practice a real investment. Yet even after establishing such a practice, it sometimes becomes impossible to sustain and develop it into a profitable enterprise. Needless to say, you are in the business for the income. Rarely do new medical practitioners in private practice realize the need of branding and marketing their medical practice.

In America today, medical practice firms have proliferated. You might easily find yourself only treating relatives, family and friends. There is need to get out to the public and inform then of your presence, your ability and willingness to help them, your unique medical services and the reason why you are the best suited to deal with their medical problems. Doing that essentially constitutes branding and marketing the business.

That however is a simplistic view of a momentous task that you must undertake. Branding and marketing your private practice effectively requires that you undertake a meticulously researched, planned, executed and evaluated campaign. The following is a sample process with the essential features of such a successful campaign.

Steps in Branding and Marketing a Medical Practice
1. Define your practice’s image for the current and prospective patients to identify with.
2. Define the unique selling proposition of your practice that sets you apart from the competition.
3. Design your creative and distinct logo and then develop standard graphics to be used in all your corporate prints (fonts, branding colors etc).
4. Design complementally corporate materials like business cards, newsletters, letterheads, envelopes, signage, prescription pads, brochures etc.
5. Research your market and define your target clientele in age, preferences, medical concerns, geographical reach etc and then prepare a marketing budget corresponding to the market.
6. Design printed marketing materials that are highly informative, easily understandable, attractive, brief and precisely formatted for legibility. Always include office hours, map to your place, Web address, services, telephone etc on each printed material.
7. Form high strategic business partnerships with reputable medical practices in the area such as patient referral agreements, ensuring that all engagements are on a win-win basis.
8. Distribute your literature and key adverts in the waiting room and prepare patient giveaways such as pen. Make sure that the waiting room is overly comfortable, with a section for kids.
9. Get a website and brand it too with informative content and highly navigable pages that must also be SEO hyped.
10. Buy and brand all marketing vehicles.
11. Have all staff wear a distinct uniform set that sets you a part and gives an additional touch to your look.

These are only some of the essential activities that you should undertake in the process. Benefits of a successful branding and marketing campaign will be increasing your clientele base, refining the clients who come into your practice to your specialization niche and retaining all of the clients who come to you.

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